How to Design T Shirts?

Designing from start to finish

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So you looking to design t shirts, well you have come to the right site!

Perhaps you a person that loves coming up with ideas for cool t shirt designs.

Those spur of the moment ideas!

It might be an image or a picture that you just got to put onto paper or maybe that quick witty language that you have such funny, clever sayings that just get said around friends or family and then never remembered again.

Ah ha, well fear not, those well thought out sayings will not be forgotten any more - I do say that is brilliant!

Think of a t shirt as snap shot, its captures that very moment
in an instance.

Your ideas are like a camera that takes the shot and then is developed with your designs and words to create a 'never forgetting picture,' and guess what, it's even framed by the person wearing it! A battery free 'walkie talkie', the people do the walking and your tshirt designs do the talking!

Inspiration to Design T Shirts

Take a look around you, there is inspiration everywhere around you, just scan your eyes! From the busy lines in the shopping malls, to the lively parks, to the quite books stores.
Look at events or headlines in the news, from movies to sports to even everyday living. Collect as much ideas and open your eyes up to those little 'sparkling gem' of ideas.

Develop the habit of looking at something for example an object of a person or an action and seeing something new about it.

For example, some people will look at a t shirt and just see a t shirt, but do you see more than that.

Ask yourself:

  • How else can the t shirt be seen?
  • What else can it be used for?
  • Where would be the most unlikely place to find a t shirt?
  • Why does a t shirt have sleeves?
  • When is the best time to wear a t shirt?

As you start to look at it differently, guess what different answers will start to surface to your mind.

Jot these ideas down.

Then start to work those ideas into designs.

Design T Shirts - Tips

  1. Carry a camera with you to snap anything that would make for great design

  2. Have a notebook handy too, sometimes inspiration comes at the most unsuspecting times and places

  3. Write down what tickles your fancy for a t shirt

  4. Take snap shots with your own eyes and remember them-its an excellent way to train your brain to recall pictures

  5. Never dismiss an idea, it might seem silly at the time, but it might just spark off an even better idea later on, just write it down

  6. Look around anywhere for t shirt design ideas

10 Steps - How to Design T Shirts

  1. Do a rough drawing of a t shirt
  2. Add your rough sketches to the drawing of a t shirt
  3. Continually sketch t shirts, placing your design over different places on your t shirt until you have t shirt and design that you like
  4. Now take your t shirt sketch and refine it
  5. Clean up the sketch to a nearly completed design
  6. Once you have thrashed out your design, its time to take it to the computer
  7. Scan in your design and import it into your t shirt software program
  8. Trace it and clean it up
  9. Add color, if your design requires
  10. Digital t shirt printing and screen printing t shirts are the most common processes to use. Or you can get your own t shirt printing equipment and print from home

If you design t shirts for a hobby, then why not earn some extra cash!
Why not turn your hobby into a small income stream t shirt business.


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