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Simple, Impactful and Memorable

design a logo

You might be asking how do I design a logo that looks good, eye catching and memorable?

Firstly, take a look around you. See any recognizable great logos of a company or product or service.

Or how about mentioning the first logo that comes to mind. I am positive its a big brand logo like the Coca Cola logo, Nike logo or Mcdonalds logo.

This little exercise that you have just done, will show you why these logos are so top of mind with so many people.

Create a logo design that has several design elements combined together to make it a good design.

Design a Logo with 4 Tips in Mind

Tip 1: Look of a Logo

Think of a logo in terms of 'being a person' you might know. Each one is different in shape, in color, in the way the dress, the way the talk to you, there accent and the feelings you get when you are around them.

And thats a logo, it is just like a person with their own image and style.

  • Design a business logo that portrays what the business is all about.
  • Before executing your logo ideas take some time to do a bit of research and experimentation.
  • Look at competitors and see what makes their logo stand out.

You might already have ideas just wanting to put to paper, for example, if you are required to design a logo for a flower shop, firstly:

  1. Ask the client questions about the shop?
  2. What flowers will they sell?
  3. What are their favorite colors?
  4. Do they like a classic or a modern style?

Get a feel for what the client likes and then this way it is easier to create a logo design that will WOW your clients socks off!

Tip 2: Colors

A quick tip, use a maximum of 3 colors when adding color to your logo.
You have also got to remember that sometimes the logo would be used on branding a promotional t shirt or stationery design, business card logo design is a good example of seeing how clear the logo will look at a small size.

When the logo is shrunk onto a business card with too many colors, the logo starts to look like a blob of smudged paint. (unless the logo is for a paint store, then the colorful logo, just might do the trick!)

This way you are saving your client additional costs when it comes to printing in the future. I like to call it the"cash splash", the less color splash, the more pocket cash! Your clients will love you for this too!

  • Taking the logo online, is also an important feature.
  • Design a good logo that is adaptable for the web too.
  • Clients are looking for a logo, to be used on their website, which might be the thrust of their entire business.
  • So the less color the better.

Tip 3: Texture and Shading

Another tip, keep textured backgrounds and various shading to a minimum too. Most logos are flat and solid in color. On occasions logos have shading and 3D looking. But again remember what the purpose of the logo is and where it will be branded on too.

Branding a complicated logo onto t shirts and promotional items like pens, mugs, cars and even smaller items like rings, jewelery etc. can become quite pricy when having to print and engrave, so having a simple yet striking logo is more versatile.

Tip 4: Presenting your Logo

When you have completed your logo design, before you show your client, take a step back from it, put it away and then come back to it. Sometimes you will see small things to change, in this way enhancing your logo to an amazing logo design.

S.I.M.P.L.E - Design a Logo Quiz


Is the logo:
       S - straight forward
       I - impactful
       M - memorable
       P - personal
       L - lasting
       E - easy on the eye

Keep you logo icon to a simple graphic logo design that is too busy looks to messy and becomes to confusing when people want to remember it.

Now you know how to design a logo that has impact and personality!

Believe me, your client will appreciate this!


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