Customized T Shirts

Shape Your T Shirt Designs


Customized t shirts are t shirts that have been especially tailored and shaped to suit a person's taste, style or even body type.

Speaking from experience, I am not the average persons body shape. I am tall slender (with a little tummy starting to show, but I am working that off) and my arms are little bit longer.

Sometimes my long sleeve t shirts are not "that long", due to my long arms, it will rest on the middle of my fore arms (sometimes even too my elbows).

So, I head out to the shelf again and still there is nothing that fits me.

Why not, find a store that sells plain t shirts that fit well, buy them, and rather design your own shirts. Not only is your design your own but there is nothing else like it!

I have found that when I see a t shirt in the store that a absolutely LOVE!
I take it off the shelf, head to the change rooms, take my shirt off and try on the other t shirt, but, alas, it's just too small, it's too tight, it's just too long.

Also think of other people, companies, schools that would require t shirts custom made. There is a niche market here that most stores don't cater for.

Useful Tips for Customized T Shirts

Colors are a big part of t shirts, custom made with a specific color plays an important role. Certain colored dyes are used for company branding to match their corporate colors, especially when they are using t shirts to promote their product or service, promotional t shirts would be used.

The type of material you use is also important. You can use 100% cotton or a mixture of cotton and polyester, or even organic cotton. The fabric will also help fit the contour of the body and also the durability of the t shirt. If you want a custom made t shirt that will last longer, go the extra mile and find a good quality fabric.

Change the shape of the t shirt a bit but not too much as remember, the name "t shirt" tells you what shape it is, "T-shape!" (Sure, you can change it to look like a lower case 't')



Customizing your own t shirt is just a click away.

Shape is a vital aspect in the practical side too. People love t shirts, as they are casual and relaxing to wear. Each persons taste, needs to be taken into consideration. People have different body sizes and shapes and custom designed tshirts are readily available for anyone. There is a wide range of sizes from really small to plus size t shirts.

Customized T Shirt Ideas

  • Customized baby t shirts
  • Customized birthday t shirts
  • Customized dog t shirts
  • Customized toddler t shirts
  • Customized T Shirts with rhinestones
  • Customized photo t shirts - are very special. Many people have a photo of their family member, friend, pet or even of a specific place

Wetter is better! shirt
Wetter is better T- Shirt

Where to find Customized Tshirts:

They can be found at most supermarkets, malls or even sports stores. Try exclusive boutiques and outlets too. You can even customize your own t shirt designs at

Why not approach a few clothing stores and offer them your expertise in custom t shirt making. Show them a few examples of your work and that you willing to partner with them, to meet any of their clients' specific requirements.

By exploring custom t shirt making, you could even start a new fashion trend that could even take off!

Make a go at customized t shirts, even if you start with yourself!


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt