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custom t shirt design

A custom t shirt design is unlike any other t shirt design that you have seen.

It is a totally 'fresh and distinctive design' that has been thought out, with one sole purpose, to be different!

A personalized t shirt can also be classified as a custom t shirt design, as it again is special and it might just be for a specific person in mind, that has been individually made up!

Custom t shirt making is a simple and easy process. You can to town with what you would like to put on, or how you would like it look.

Grow as a custom made t shirt designer, and challenge yourself to producing 'quality' rather than 'quantity.'

Sometimes you have amazing ideas but you have to sift them and dismiss all the chaff ideas in order to get to the tasty, wholesome kernel seed, that one quality idea that is just right to plant and grow.

  • Don't ever throw your ideas away, keep them aside for another time.
  • Your other ideas maybe spot on for another design.
  • Your best idea is the idea that suites the person for whom you are designing for.

Learn not to be too precious with your designs, but rather be free to experiment and have fun!

There are many ways to have t shirts custom made:


Now you can have your design ideas delivered to you, with just the click of a mouse.

  1. Custom embroidered t shirts
  2. Rhinestone t shirts
  3. Custom logo t shirt
  4. Photo t shirts
  5. Long sleeve t shirts
  6. Sleeveless t shirt
  7. Tie dye t shirts

Custom designed tshirts - Design It Yourself

Why buy t shirts when you can have a custom t shirt made in your very own home, with the resources and materials you already have!

Buy a bit of your very own fabric paint, fabric markers, bleach and rhinestones and you can have your own customized t shirts in a jiffy. "Like a 24 hour printing shop!"

If you have never tried some of these ways, and have always made a custom t shirt design a certain way, then dare yourself to take a jump, experiment with some more styles that might tickle your fancy, then give it a go, you will be surprised at how your own shirts will turn out.


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt