Custom Made T Shirts

The Picture Perfect Plan


Custom made t shirts are the newest fashion trend to hit the t shirt airwaves!

They not like traditional t shirts that you will find in a local clothing store. They are a little unconventional, and are not always what you would expect from a t shirt, the boundaries are pushed to the extreme!

When you think of a t shirt, you picture it to have a neck collar for our head to stick out of, two short sleeves and the length to end just below our belt!

Well lets change that existing picture that you might have and replace it with a more unusual one!

What is your picture of a custom tshirt design?

A custom made t shirt is a little bit different to the normal t shirt design, sometimes they have no rules on how they look or even worn.

As seen on radio shirt
As seen on Radio T Shirt

Test Card Pattern shirt
Tv Test Pattern T Shirt

Custom Made T Shirts - Styles

Here is a list of subtle changes added to t shirts:

  1. From easy fitting to tight t shirts to baggy looking
  2. V neck t shirts to pocket t shirts
  3. Bright colors to luminous glow in the dark t shirt
  4. Painted, printed or custom embroidered t shirts

This is bonus for you. If you are able to learn from what has been done and what has worked. You can take that and refine it, improve it, and upgrade it so that it's a - 'thread above the rest.'

Explore new printing techniques, new decorations

Custom T-Shirts

Trendy Custom Made T Shirts - Styles

T shirt trends come and go, and trends are borrowed from the past and used to inspire the future.

You can start a new t shirt fashion trend that is made by you, with your own energetic style taking us into the next millennium!

Think outside the box!

What have you always wanted to do to a t shirt that has just been a bit odd but still making sure that it looks like a tshirt?

  1. Perhaps start a design trend with a long sleeve t shirt that has only one sleeve or make a sleeve really long so that it can be used as a scarf!

  2. Perhaps turn your t shirt inside out and design on the inside, and wear it inside-out.

Think of the craziest ideas for a t shirt. Crazy is good but crazy also needs to be practical. You got to be able to take your idea and make it wearable.

Work with a tailor, and come up with customized tshirts that are only one of a kind. You might just get your t shirt trend on the cat walks of New York, Milan, London or Paris.

Sometimes you might custom design t shirts to wear on your back but how about exploring other areas of fashion, why not custom make your own t shirts into fully practical and functional items like these.

Custom Made T Shirts - Accessories

All of these items are more than t shirts, they are fashion accessories.

  • t shirt quilts
  • t shirt handbags
  • t shirt origami
  • t shirt blanket

As a t shirt designer you can also have an impact and "go green"!
Why waste when you can recycle your t shirts.

Think about this, why should we recycle old t-shirts?

Think Green shirt
Think Green

Think Green Breathe Green shirt
Breathe Green

I think every tshirt designer likes to think bigger and better, and is determined to push the boundaries on t shirt fashion. Wanting to break the barriers and set a new trend setting style for 'fashion t shirts.'

The current fashion t shirt trends are changing to new exciting trends, it's about tuning into a frequency that you can show your very own custom made t shirts!


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt