How to Create your own T Shirt

Homemade or High-tech

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How would you create your own t shirt?

There are many ways and techniques of how to do it, but there are basically two main methods.

And I am going to show the difference between each. This way you can see what they are about and then decide on which method best suits you for designing.

But don't decide yet, let us first check them about a bit more.

Designing tees is very much a 'hands on' art form.

What do I mean by 'hands on'?
Because a t shirt is a physical object that we can touch, feel and see, our sense of touch is a practical thing.

A t shirt has to be 'physically made' and doesn't just magically appear out of thin air. Yes your ideas and designs are not physical when you start as they are in your head, but once they have been applied onto a t shirt then your designs become a physical object.

Also putting your designs onto a t shirt is a 'hands on' process. And 'how that design' gets onto your t shirt, is the method

robot creation tshirt shirt
Robot Creation T Shirt

Rabbit Hand Shadow shirt
Rabbit Hand Shadow T Shirt

Homemade method

Firstly to create your own t shirt you have more freedom and licence to create and print your own.


Design your own tshirt, with an improved new look.

You can make your own shirts at home with your own paints, stenciling tools, printer and merchandise. Your own custom homemade shirts you can develop in your room, garage or basement.

This is the one way, I mean, by being 'hands on' make your own top from the inception of your idea to the final printing of your design. You see each and every step through.

It's a very practical and precise process (and sometimes a bit messy) but thats what makes designing fun too.

High-Tech method

Secondly, you can be hands on in a more electronic and technological way too.


Compose your t shirt design online with the click of a mouse.

You have either sketched up your design or have a picture of how it will look in your heard already. You then get behind a computer and input your concepts into your t shirt software. Everything is done on screen until your have a design that you are absolutely blown away by. Then you export your design into various print formats.

These print formats of your top design are sent either to a professional t shirt printing house or you upload them onto an online company website.

Here are some great online printers to create and print your t shirts. Gifts-468x60 banner

Create your own T-Shirt

Whether its online or local printers, they have to then input the design into their printing software and the machines will automatically print your design.

There is probably a person behind the machines that oversees the production quality. To make sure that the t shirts are correctly fed into the printers. And don't forget the printing ink also has to be either mixed by hand or filled up by hand (ie. a person).

The high-tech method is just as 'hands on' too.

And as you can see, to create your own t shirt both of these methods are a practical 'hands on' art form, whether you do it yourself or send it out.

So now you can decide. Have a go at both of them!


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt