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Are you looking at developing a company design logo for your own business?

Or are you a talented designer that has a passion and flare for creating logos?

Well, if you have answered 'Yes" to one of these questions, then let me share with you my experience as a designer working with 99designs.

Firstly, having any business, company or organization, you need to have an identity. Without that, people are not going to know who you are or what you are about. Your company's identity reflects what you offer and how you operate.

That's why having the correct image is exactly what your company needs. And the way to do that is through a corporate identity or otherwise known as a logo.

As a designer my task is to visually communicate a conceptualized idea in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

Having said this, the next step is to find a designer.

So where do you go to not only find a designer but to kick-start your company design logo identity?

99designs was established a few years ago has been growing from strength to strength with their unique approach to designing online. It was started by a couple of designers and its focus is to achieve customer satisfaction through the many the skills and talents of a community of designers.

They offer any designer the opportunity to join the community of designers and submit designs to meet the clients brief. In other words, a client looking for a logo design will approach 99designs, submit their brief, open a contest and then offer an amount to any designer that can meet the brief to the tee.

As there is a wide pool of designers that have joined 99designs, the client will get quite a few designs to choose from.

I love the competition between each designer as well. I guess like every other designer we all want that winning design that the client just loves. What makes it neat for the client is when each designer bring their own interpretation of the design brief.

My experience as a designer has been a very impressive and innovative. 99designs really have innovative technology that is easy to submit your designs and get paid thereafter.

What has impressed me a lot is the consistent communication of keeping you up to date with what is happening on any contests that you have entered or up and coming ones that still have cash up for grabs.

If your winning company design logo is chosen there are several payment options that you can receive your cash. This great service has been another highlight why a like working with them.

Check out some of my winning designs.

Now that I have just shared my experience from the design side, what about the other side, the client side. If you are not a designer but looking at having a logo designed for you, well then I recon you got to give 99designs a go.

They do also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you do not fall completely in love with your design.

So go ahead! Start a Design Contest now for your choice of wonderful and unique designs at

Why would I give 99designs
5 Thumbs up?:

1. Logo Designers

  • great opportunity to add your portfolio
  • make extra cash
  • build an ongoing client base for future projects
  • your unused logo designs can be added to the logo store whereby you can still be paid

Designers, we need you! Start earning money at today!

2. Streamlined Custom design logo

  • Tailor made custom logo designs for every client
  • A selection of logos to choose from
  • 100% money back guarantee

3. Ready made company design logo store

  • selection of ready made logo designs
  • design a logo in 24 hours

Choose from thousands of pre-made logos at, only $99! We'll even add your business name free within 24 hours!

4. Graphic design

  • As for me, I do love my t shirt designs and this also what 99designs offers to clients, as well as a whack load of graphic design elements like, websites, banner ads, stationery and brochure design.

Tap into the power of crowdsourced graphic design at

5. Earn income as an affiliate

    Join the affiliate program and earn extra cash by promoting on your own website or blog

    So visit and have your company design logo created, or give yourself an opportunity at winning with a designer logo that you have created for another company.


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