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"Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations - wearing christian tshirts!"

  • It was Jesus' last commandment to his disciples, except the latter part about tshirts.
    (I just added that in)

  • God's ultimate plan and purpose is for each person to come to know and love Him.

  • As Christians, we are part of that plan and our purpose too is to bring others to accept Jesus.

And that's the gospel, the good news - plain and simple!

He is the one and only "creative God". He has created everything and can use anything in His creation to attract others to Him and bring Him the glory!

The Best Tshirt Designer

God is the ultimate "designer" and has given each person that "designing" gift. Whether its designing buildings to cars to shoes to books to cool tshirts.

Why not utilize that gift for enhancing his kingdom in different areas
of your life.

Gracebook T Shirt

Christ the Way shirt
Christ the Way T Shirt


Check out christian tees impacting the community.

Custom christian tees are a great example of God inspired ideas that are put onto a tshirt with a message that speaks about God.

This message is taking the Gospel and speaking the Gospel in a language that people can understand, and doing that with a custom tshirt design.

Designing is about showing off what's on the inside, on the outside.

  1. Begin designing your own style and your own way of preaching the gospel with your christian shirt designs.

  2. Create your own christian clothing brand like Kerusso Christian ActivewearKerusso Christian Activewear

Christian clothing and christian apparel like hoods, sneakers, sweaters and pants can be your next gospel preaching tools, but remember your christian shirts have the most impact.

Tell - the world T Shirt

Freed Us shirt
Freed Us T Shirt

Do Christian T shirts have to be dull and boring?

By no way, keep your designs fresh and cutting edge.

It's about producing quality!

  • Create the latest fashion tshirts that others can follow - follow your style and the Gospel too!
  • Lable yourself as a "tshirt christian", ie. you wear your heart on your sleeves.

So spread the Gospel thick and thin with christian tshirts.