Reaching out with Christian Tees

Impact Your Community

You enjoy going out, I know I do, well why not spread the news by wearing your christian tees.

The Gospel is about reaching communities that can be changed and renewed by GOING OUT!

Coming up with new strategies and plans to get the gospel out is always a challenge but it's a challenge that each one of us has been given.

But we are not in this alone, we are in it together, and as a church its a combined effort.

This was an example of what our church done to reach our community with the gospel, through bright red tee shirts.

  1. We designed tees with a message on.
  2. Then we handed out free coffee and balloons.
  3. Attached to the coffee cups were branded sleeves with the details of our local church.

christian tees

The traffic were so intrigued and interested that they stopped and were treated to a free coffee and invitation.

It was a good time to connect with many new people and make an impact
in our community.

Our graphic was made up of a question and answer. These christian graphic tees were branded on the front and the back, the front having a catchy question and the back having the answer.

Make a go of it, create your own tee shirt designs that will have a lasting effect on your community.


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt