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Would a christian t shirt slogan have an impact in the world today?

In today's society, people speaking to each other face to face is becoming a form of communication that is declining. Communicating with each other on a one to one level has become a thing of the past.

Such a big world, yet the world is getting smaller day by day!

Physically, the earth is not shrinking it is still the same size, but with more and more people, living further and further away from each other it is getting easier to connect with people.

To meet with someone on the other side of the planet, you need not to catch a plane or train, but can meet them in your pajamas in your very own living room. Now how is that possible?

With the ever growing and improving communication devices.

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Are you a 'logo' that can speak to the world today?

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Think of the different ways, that you speak to people on a daily basis.

  1. You wake in the morning, check your Blackberry for any messages.
  2. Perhaps you turn on the tv and get more info.
  3. Drive to work with the radio on.
  4. Check your emails at the office.
  5. Correspond with clients via video.
  6. While texting messages to your family on the other side of the globe.

Here is a list of popular ways of speaking to people today:

  • Social networking.
  • Video conferencing
  • Telephone
  • Mobile phone
  • Text messages
  • Instant messaging
  • Search engines
  • Blogs
  • Email

So perhaps you asking, well how does a christian t shirt slogan fit into all of this?

Well, everyone today understands these ways of communicating. They know about them and use them.

Amongst these types of communications there is also competition to be the best form of communication.

For example Facebook and Twitter compete to be the top form of social networking. Dell and Mac also compete for users to use their hardware to communicate with.

So there are big companies and big brands involved. And people choose with brand they like the best.

Now if the world is speaking like this and we are also speaking like this as christians, isn't this not a great platform to reach many people with the gospel.

Everything that the world has, God had already thought of way before anyone else. And God can use anything type of media to speak to people.

But His main way is to speak through christians. These media gadgets are the exact tools that God has given us. The gospel is powerful to reach people where they are at in their lives in so many different ways. The gospel is never limited.

Now when we do meet people and see others in public, why not have a t shirt that has a bit of a twist on.

Take a very recognizable brand or slogan that they know well. Come up with a very clever catchphrase that points to God. And wear it as a christian t shirt slogan. So when you are out and about, they will identify with the brand or slogan but will be intrigued as to why it is different.

Base your idea or words on a bible verse that is cleverly made into gospel t shirts. Add the bible verse as part of your design but not necessarily the main focus.

Ask God for His power filling creative genius to enable you with christian t shirt phrases to make an impact in our world with your cool christian t shirt.


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