Christian T-Shirts

The Purpose of T Shirts in Church


Christian t-shirts are designed for a purpose and with a specific plan in mind, yes to show the world, but also to encourage other christians too.

As a graphic designer, your talents, skills, design knowledge and creativity are useful tools and are always beneficial in serving your local and universal church community.

Graphics to videos to posters to leaflets, each of these design pieces play an important role but there are none as friendly as, the t shirt.

T shirts are great for easily identifying different ministries within the church.

God's gift of God shirt
God's gift of God T Shirt

For example, lets take the welcoming door team. What if they were to each wear a classy, collared christian t shirt design, not only because it looks cool, but for new visitors to find more info or assistance about where to go and where there children would go.

Children ministry is an important facet of any church family and with kids, bright colorful, funky t shirts are what make it fun. Each child can have a t shirt that makes them feel special and part of a team.

Why even the kids, leaders can wear them. This way showing the small kids the leader for each age group and for parents to easily recognize the leaders too.

Jesus Modern Design shirt
Jesus Modern Design shirt

Jesus Spot On shirt
Jesus Spot On shirt

Here are a few other ministries that christian shirt design can be used for:

  • Church T shirt design for your church
  • Worship, musicians, band and choir member t shirts
  • Kid christian t shirt for children ministry

Each ministry is different and each ministry has a purpose, to serve people.

People are made up of different ages and interests. For the kids most of the smaller ones cant read so to communicate to them would be different when speaking to youth or adults.

A Christian Message T shirt is an excellent medium to get a message across.

Mrs Saint shirt
Mrs Saint T Shirt

Mr Saint shirt
Mr Saint T Shirt

Cool Christian Ideas

Within the life of the church there are quite a few ideas for creating t shirts.

  1. Christian band t-shirts is designing t-shirts with your favorite band whether its worship, rock, country, hip hop or even rap
  2. Christian youth t-shirts, branding your youth group and what your youth group is all about
  3. Christian T-shirts like Jesus freak, Fearless and My Space shirts

Inspiring Christian T Shirts

  • bible t shirts
  • prayer t shirts
  • praise t shirt
  • song t shirt

So now you can see why christian t-shirts have many reasons for being designed, look for more, you will find them!


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt