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christian message t shirt

For a Christian message t shirt, what would you think is the most important piece of information to display?

Well let's go back a couple of hundred years ago. Lets make it more like a couple of thousand years ago. Picture God has just formed creation and when He looked around He saw that all was good.

And yes, all was good for a time until Adam and Eve decided to do their own thing and not listen to what God had told them. They challenged God's word by eating from the forbidden tree.

This very disobedience went against every thing that was God. God's very word is who He is. And He stands and holds to His word, as He is a trustworthy and steadfast God. So going against His word meant that Adam and Eve went against God himself.

No way, so now creation had a real problem on its hands. There was nothing that humans at the time could have done to restore that relationship with God. To gain His trust and live life would be a different task as nothing on our side would be able to mend that bond again with God.

But amongst this all, God had a plan to get us back to Him. An absolute brilliant plan! And I am sure God had organized a christian message t shirt to be a tool for His plan.

Jesus - Vintage script shirt
Jesus - Vintage shirt

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Jesus in U shirt

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Are you really a 'Logo for the Lord'?

He had a plan of salvation. By saving us from not ever having a personal connection with Him again. But that plan He would put into action.


Create your own t shirt online with your own message.

To let people know His plan, He had to get the message out there. He had to show them a sign about His plans, not just one but many signs. He had to spread that message to each and every person. Even though some might have ignored His message, He had to at least let them see it or hear it.

Back then there was no such thing as t shirts. And there was no such thing as Christians.

So a Christian message t shirt would have been a way ahead of its time. But God knew that here in the 21st century it would be just right.

God chose the nation of Israel to display His salvation plan to the world. He used the Old testament prophets, like Isaiah, Daniel and Jeremiah to proclaim what the signs of salvation would be.

Until eventually when John the Baptist, who lived in the desert, saw God's plan of salvation coming towards Him near the Jordan river, Jesus. That plan was a person. The message referred to Jesus. And all the signs pointed directly to Jesus.

Whoever thought that God's Son, Jesus, was the perfect plan! I would never thought that, but I guess that's why He is God.

Well he does say in Isaiah, "for my thoughts are not your thoughts, and my ways are not your ways"

But God's plan doesn't just stop there. His plan is for all the nations to be saved, each and every person. And He uses each and every Christian, with the power of the Holy Spirit and of course your fun christian t shirts, to continue to spread His message of salvation.

What are the most common signs today that we see all around us?

You guessed it road signs. They are markers that point and direct us to what is ahead, and is still to come.

We are called to be signs to the world, signs that make others wonder, signs that point to Jesus. We are signs that point to salvation, salvation that is available for anyone who asks for it.

So now that you know what the message is, what will your very own Christian message t shirt say?

Why not combine your very life and your Christian saying on a t shirt to be a sign to the world about God's plan, Jesus.

Imagine the impact your would have in the world today if you could save a life with your Christian message t shirt


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