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Cheap Tee Shirts

Bargain Tips when Buying Tees

Who of you really like a 'good bargain', when buying t shirts? Especially cheap tee shirts.

Only thing is you not sure of what to look for when searching for a 'good bargain'.

Let me share a few tips and tricks that I have used when buying custom t shirts.

Tips when Buying Cheap Tee Shirts

Bigger is Better.

Buy at least one size up than what you would usually buy. The reason I say that is often a lower priced t shirt will shrink after a few washes. (It just depends on the material fabric). Not all the time but most times.

So if you just fit into a LARGE t shirt then buy a MEDIUM size rather. After its been through the washer a few times it will fit comfy around your body. Otherwise if you want a baggy t shirt look, then get 2 sizes bigger.

Brand Free.

Stay away from branded clothing. What you are essentially paying for is the royalty of the logo to be placed on the t shirt. From past experience, I have bought some top branded t shirts which cost quite a lot. I was very disappointed after 2 or 3 washes when the t shirt shrunk, stretched or faded. So for me that gave the brand a bad taste in my mouth and now I rather stay away from them.

Rather search around for local manufactured t shirts. Or even brand your own t shirt with a logo, design or slogan that your have made yourself.

I bet you can really blow away some of the big brand designs.

Buy in Bulk.

An effective way to cut the cost of t shirts is to buy a large quantity. The more t shirts you buy the cheaper the price becomes. Get a group of guys together to pool in and get a large discount when buying in bulk. Or even create your own t shirt design and sell the t shirts for a couple of extra dollars with your designs on that you have created personally.

Browse Cheap Custom T Shirts Online.

Getting your shirts online is cheap too. It means that you wont always pay for the transporting of the t shirt into the store.

What am I saying?

How do t shirts get into stores? Trucks.

The manufacturers charge for fuel when the t shirt is delivered to any store. Then the store puts a markup on for them to make a profit. Which in turn is what you are paying.

By shopping online you skip the fuel costs of the trucks. (though you might have to pay a small delivery fee, just check their terms and conditions).

Sometimes buying cheap t shirts is a risk or a gamble. Sometimes it's a win. If you really are particular about your clothing, then rather stick shirts that you know are of a good grade.

Advantages of Affordable
Cheap Tee Shirts

They are very versatile for:

  • Team building events.
  • Splattered at paint balling.
  • Cleaning the garden.
  • Working out at gym.
  • Bathing the cat or rather the dog.
  • Feeding your baby in their high chair.
  • Fixing under the car.
  • Bungi jumping.
  • River rafting.
  • Going on date.
  • Sleeping in.
  • Dressing up your teddy bear.
  • Just about anything you enjoy doing.

So keep your eyes open for low priced cheap tee shirts. They are out there, you just got to look.


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