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Cheap T Shirts

The Deals and Dangers of Discounted T Shirts

Cheap, cheap, cheap. What images conjure up in your mind when I say the word 'cheap t shirts?

For some of us we are thinking, 'cool, how much can I save'.

Then for others we would rather stay away from them because it gives us an impression that it has a poor level of excellence.

Well there is always two sides to a coin:

Side 1: Cheap means 'good price'
Side 2: Cheap means 'bad quality'

So where are you sitting on side 1 or side 2 of the coin?

Or maybe you are not certain and haven't decided yet. Perhaps you are sitting on the edge of the coin, looking at both views and still making your mind up.

Well whatever side you supporting, let me show you a few deals and dangers of cheap shirts.

Good Deals about Cheap T Shirts

  1. Inexpensive and won't empty your wallet out.
  2. Offer a refund policy. If you not completely happy with your purchase your can return them.
  3. Free delivery is often offered if more than one t shirt is bought.
  4. Receive coupons for extra cash off your purchase.
  5. Pre-made designs for you to choose from.
  6. Wide selection of colors and styles.
  7. Wear them anytime or anywhere. (except for your best friend's wedding)
  8. Always use them as a pajama top or vest.
  9. Recycle your t shirts into a fully made bedspread or quilt.
  10. Spoil a charity, orphanage or shelter with new shirts.

Grave Dangers about Cheap T Shirts

  1. The fabric is sometimes of a lower quality, which means that usually it shrinks or stretches after washing.
  2. Where is it manufactured? The quality is also dependent on where the t shirt was manufactured.
  3. The make up of the fabric. Cotton, synthetic, or polyester often determines the quality.
  4. The colors fade often (but that can be a good thing, because it can give it a vintage style)
  5. The dye of the shirt will sometimes come out the first time in the washer, so if you wash it with other clothes, they could be recolored.
  6. Can't think of many others...can you?

If you really think about it, we are actually paying for what we are getting. I must agree that if you are paying for a product then the price should justify the quality. So you got a lot of cash to spend on expensive shirts then treat yourself.

Often with the price of one high quality t shirt, you can get 3-5 cheap t shirts.

Talking from experience, I have bought several well-known expensive t shirts, only to be very disappointed with the inferior quality.

When you get down to it, there are a lot more positives than negatives when its comes to buying t shirts at a lower price.


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