Car T Shirts

Power Driven or Passion Ridden

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Ever wonder, why car t shirts are highly sought after clothing?

To show you why, let me first explain a bit about why cars themselves are any 'auto mobile enthusiast's' dream, then you will see where the t shirt fits in.

When it comes to cars, what can I say, to most guys and for some ladies, its a power trip and a passion hobby.

There are two types of enthusiasts that will own a car shirt.

The Power Driven fanatics and the Passion Ridden lovers.

Power Driven Fanatics

Most car fanatics have the privilege of owning a high-powered car either vintage muscle or modern or even a super-sports car. If they don't own one then they will head out to a race track and test drive these models.

Why? Because, they are the speed junkies and will even go go-CARting to get that thrill!


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There are also the stunt men and women and the test drivers that would throw themselves into the driving sensation of different model car for example Nascar, Formula 1 and drag racing.

They love the thrill and speed that the car gives them, with the wind in their hair the revving of the engine, the smell of the fumes and the shaking of the steering wheel.

It's all about the experience and the way the car makes them feel in control.

For them its like 'taming a beast', a beast with natural raw power. They like to be in the drivers seat and be in control of the car.

The image and the look of the car is also important to them. Besides performance, appearance is vitally appealing.

Got Muscle? shirt
Muscle T-Shirt

In Rust We Trust T-Shirt  shirt
In Rust we Trust T-Shirt

So what type of car t shirts would appeal power driven fans?

Well, firstly the t shirt should be flashy, bold and exciting. They got to look good.

Remember these fans would wear the Arg-Arg, adrenaline pumping shirts like nascar t shirts.

The brand of car is also important. So the powerhouse muscle cars like the Mustang, Chevy, GTO, Chevelle and Firebird are what you would find on muscle car t shirts.

They like car pictures that show "oomph"!

Classic Corvette Tach Shirt shirt
Corvette T-Shirt

06 GTO T-Shirt shirt
06 GTO T-Shirt

Passion Ridden Lovers

The hard-core power that is attractive to the 'driven enthusiasts' is not the same for the 'refined obsession' car enthusiasts. What drives and fuels these 'refined obsessionists' is another 'p' word, passion.

For them passion is everything. This passion is more about the car and how the car works and functions and is put together. It's about looking at cars, reading about cars, collecting artifacts, material and car t shirts.

Everything is about cars. Visiting car shows, both vintage and modern cars. They would customize a car and enter it into competitions.

They love the history behind each car. How the car was made. What year each car was launched. Also the accessories, like the mirrors trimmings, interior and shade of color that the car was sprayed.

Not to mention also collecting statistics about grand prix's and motor races. Which driver won, and how each driver performed throughout their racing career.

The 'passion ridden lovers' are fans of building their own custom cars. From sourcing an old car, to doing up the engine, spray painting to fitting the final nut and bolt.

If they cant get hold of the real thing then their passion is found in TV consoles like:

  • X-Box
  • Nintendo
  • Sony Playstation

Also TV games like Grand Turismo and Need for Speed.

Pinstripe Rat shirt
Pinstripe Rat T-Shirt

Ford Fairlane illustration shirt
Ford T-Shirt

I have also seen dad's sharing that passion with their sons too. Buying toy cars, seeing the movie 'Cars' with their boys to getting a mini-toy car for their boy to drive around in the yard.

So what type of car t shirts would these car lovers wear?

From vintage car photos to modern car video games, thats what they would be attracted too.

Anything that is car related or connected to cars they will have it.

So next time keep a look out for a car fan wearing a shirt or if you are a car fan already, then enjoy sharing the ride with others too.


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